So there's someone I would like you to meet!  This is super cheesy and frankly it's really weird but hey, its been six months and I thought you might like to see the boy in my life that inevitably pops up in conversation...

 This is René.  He's pretty awesome, and I'll tell you why. 

He likes trees.  A. Lot.
He also likes mayonnaise. On just about everything.
He plays the piano. And the trumpet.  And the bass guitar.
He doesn't know how to be angry.
He always has a baseball hat handy.
He is extremely generous.  Even when he shouldn't be.
He has a pet turtle named Manito.
He doesn't like pictures.  
He never gets sick. Except when he eats raw onion.
He has two pairs of pointy cowboy boots.  
When he cleans his house, he cleans everything.  And I mean, everything.
He's really good with computers.  They listen to him.

René is a 'forestal', which means he works in the mayor's office mapping and turning in projects to create and keep protected areas (forests) here in Zunil.  He's not from Zunil, and so his life is incredibly like that of a Peace Corps volunteer.  We met doing a eco wall project in one of my schools.  And bam.  

He's an incredible artist... Painted this for me on a Sunday afternoon

Alright, now that you've been introduced no need for awkward questions face to face, okay? haha


Anonymous said...

you had me until cowboy boots! haha... but really, he's never angry? no one in the world never gets angry...red flag...

Anonymous said...

ok so he is definately talented, but what is up with the crazy face on the vase? That would seriously creep me out! I mean that should like be on the outside of the lair as a warning. Like Manito and good to know a little about this young man in your life! Say hi from your Bogie...BTW still gonna have awkward conversations, can't help it, they are just too fun:)!

Katherine said...

SO happy for you sam boss!! my heart soared for you just reading this. :) i can't wait to hear more!
with lots and lots of love,

Ben Bleckley said...

That's awesome, Sam! He sounds great. Unlike other readers, I do not notice any red flags and I will not awkwardly question you. And the vase is fantastic.